An umbrella does not belong on a persons foot.

It is NYE! Do I hear you not inquiring about how am I spending this wonderful night? Preferably wrapped up in a blanket on the couch watching the fireworks on TV. Basically, at the ripe old age of 18 I have transformed into a middle aged single woman who would prefer to be in her PJ’s at 5pm than socialising Oh well, someone has to do it.

Last night I tried to attempt to enter a dream lucidly, producing a lucid dream. For those who don’t know, a lucid dream is where you are conscious in your dream world and with practice, are able to control what is happening around you. Much like the film Inception in a way. However, in order to enter this dream world, you must trick your body into thinking it is asleep while your mind is awake. This is called Sleep Paralysis. Shortly after this, comes the dreaming. My adventures into this strange world of dreaming end at the Sleep Paralysis bit. Basically as I’m laying down (You have to lay still as can be and resist all urges to move. Hard for a hyperactive child like me), there is a pressure on my chest which isn’t painful, just odd. However, at this point I start freaking out and try to move my “sleeping” body. I can’t. My brain has shut down the motion part and my body thinks it is asleep. This is frightening and usually ends in me hyperventilating. Yeah, I need some more entertainment to do besides gaming..

So,my aunt had someone over for lunch today. Which was nice, until the massive deck umbrella flew up and in  a attack that would rival most WW2 plane bombings, attacked the top of my foot with one of it’s sharp pointy stick things (Yay writing skills). I was in shock as my foot swelled up and blackened. Now I have a very sore top of my foot and a craving for chocolate. I sent a photo to my mother, 3000 ks, away for comfort. Still no reply.

So, like most middle aged women, I went and had an afternoon nap, after a short session of laying in my bed paralysed and hyperventilating that is.

I can’t wait until Uni starts..

The battle between bathers and pj’s.

A tale of an unsuspecting woman who is torn between the world of Bed and the land of Beach.

Fortunately for me, I can have both. See, where I live now is just a quick (painful if shoes are not worn) walk across the road to reach the blue tides of the ocean. Unfortunately for me I was bought up to be semi afraid of swimming alone so my Aunt invested in a snorkel set so I can see that the only things in the ocean that want to eat me are wrinkly old, perverted men.

With snorkel set in hand, I ventured into the water. Only to find that the water was infected with seaweed that was floating around, ready to infest the unsuspecting swimmer with lice and other things which I imagine want to call into your ear and plant itself in your brainImage.

Much like the babel fish from the “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”

Shortly after deciding that death by parasite was not an ideal way to die, I found myself back in my cozy white sheets watching Doctor Who.


A little (well, a fair bit) about me

During the summer days of December, I found myself standing in the Sydney domestic airport, clutching my plane ticket in awe of the busy fast paced world around me. I had arrived from the deep south of South Australia, where the men are men and the dogs have fleas. I had made the decision to leave that dusty, windy town as soon as I arrived and at last, after completing my final years of high school, in Sydney. My aunt collected me from the airport. Together we made the journey to the northern beaches, my home now. I am awaiting my possible acceptance into university as I sit on the golden yellow beaches of northern Sydney. It doesn’t feel like I have left home, rather that I am on a holiday in paradise. A surreal, shiny world in which the women are beautiful and the men are athletes. Once again, I have found myself in over my head and loving it. I don’t know what the future has in store for me, I don’t know how things will work out. Dedication takes a lifetime.